Pasta Sensory Box

I am all about finding new, cheap ways for Titus to have fun and learn. I’m sure almost every parents out there has experienced buying your child a new toy and they play with it for maybe 10 minutes and then it’s on to the next thing. Or if you just give them an empty box they somehow play with it much longer than any toy that they actually own. That happens often in this house. I like to think that I’m a minimalist when it comes to toys (you wouldn’t know that if you looked in his room) but I’m more of a puzzles, books and blocks type of mom. So I try to find new, inexpensive crafts or toys that I can “make” for Titus to enjoy.

Well, the other day he got a hold of a box of bow tie pasta, which I was fine with. He went all around the house shaking the box, laughing and dancing at the sounds of the pasta. Next thing we knew the entire box opened right in his lap. He thought it was hilarious. He spent the next 30 minutes putting them all back in the box and then pouring them on himself, still laughing every time. I had to take everything away for him to actually go and eat his dinner. I thought man, he is rarely entertained by something for so long that I actually have to take it away. So I decided to create a sensory box with the pasta.

I grabbed a Tupperware box that I had in the attic and added the bow tie pasta along with a box of rotini pasta. Then I found a few smaller toys and some of his magnet letters and added them to the box.


You would have thought I just handed my little boy the world when I put out the sensory box the next day. It has consistently been a “toy” that he spends at least a few hours a day playing with. Finding the things hidden in the pasta, or dumping everything out and putting it right back in the bucket. I am loving this new toy that we made and I’m sure your kids would love it too! Everything is available at the dollar store so its very inexpensive.


What you need:

  • Tupperware box/bowl with lid
  • 2 boxes of pasta
  • Little toys

I’m loving the fact that Titus loves this toy. Sensory boxes are shown to help with language and playing skills, as well as help focus and calm a child. Check out A Little Bin for Little Hands Blog about the benefits of a sensory box.

Now enjoy the fun!

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Thankful for Thanksgiving

I will count this Thanksgiving as our first, Titus’s first real thanksgiving. Last year we spent Wednesday-Sunday stuck in the house, all sick with fevers and couldn’t go anywhere. My mom quickly dropped off food at the front door but that was it. No family, no pictures, no left overs, and no sitting around the table eating together. So this year that all happened. So I will say that it was our first Thanksgiving as a family of three.

Nathan, Titus and I have 3 families that we get to spend our holidays with and sometimes that can be stressful. But all I kept thinking about this year was how that really just means that we have 3 times the amount of people loving, supporting and encouraging us regularly. We have a big blended family that would do anything they could for us and love spending as much time as they can with us.

(Not pictured, his awesome Papa)

I have an amazing set of friends that not just love me, but love my family. I am blessed enough that I have friends that always have my back, are willing to call out my crap and who push me to be a better friend and mom. Whenever I need someone to cry to or laugh with they are there. And as much as I know they love me, they also love Titus.

(Lots of friends not pictured)

And I am beyond thankful and bless that I get to be this little boys mama. He brings more joy to my life than I ever though possible. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, but being a mom has forever changed me. He keeps us on our toes and he always has us laughing. I love spending my days watching him learn and grow. I am so lucky to be his mom.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for Nathan. The man that I get to do this crazy life with as my partner. He encourages me to follow my passions, supports and allows for me to stay at home with Titus and continues to show Titus what a loving father and husband look like on a daily basis. He handles my countless mood swings with grace and always knows how to make me laugh. Even though there will be time when things aren’t perfect and when times get hard I know that I am so blessed to have this guy by my side.

And I am also so thankful for all of you! Thank you for supporting my writing and also encouraging me! I have so much to be thankful for this year. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving too!

Our family costumes!

I know Halloween has come and gone and lets be honest, all of my Christmas decorations are already up but before I moved on to how much I love Christmas, I needed to show just how much I also love Halloween.

As a kid I don’t ever remember a time not going out Trick-or-treating. Of course when we were younger my mom occasionally had my sister and I in our matching costumes but when we weren’t matching she was great about letting us pick out whatever we wanted to be. Minus ANYTHING that was scary, mean or evil. That was her one rule for Halloween. We could get as much candy as we wanted, eat as much of it as we could and she would always let us stay up past our bedtime. The little baskets that kids walk around with now make me chuckle…. we would take a pillow out of its case and that was our candy bag. And trust me, that pillow case was a full as we could possible get it.


When we would get home we would separate our candy out. First in to piles of what we liked and didn’t like. We would occasionally trade candy that we didn’t like. Then we would sort it into sweet or sour and start to chow down. I remember those days like they were yesterday. Halloween is one of the traditions that I can’t wait to have with Titus every year.

I’m so thankful for all of those memories as a kid and love the traditions that we have already started. Every year my sister and her family come to my house as well as our parents and closest friends. Everyone in their costumes, we eat pizza in the front yard, spend forever taking pictures and then were off. My favorite tradition is that I dress us up in a family costume. I cherish this time because I know in a few short years Titus will protest dressing up in a matching costume with his mom and dad. Then us dressing up at all and then him even wanting to hang out with us on Halloween. So like so many other things I will make these memories count. I will dress us up in corny matching costumes, let him eat a crazy amount of candy and stay up late. And hope that one day he will remember all of these things, look back, laugh, and make these kind of memories for his family.

3 years in the making.. Ninja Turtles (Titus was just a little peanut in my belly), a safari family, and Finn Rey and BB8. I can’t wait to see what we come up with in the years to come!

Its been a while..

So its been almost 6 months since I wrote last. Life continues to change, time flies by and life gets busier. I don’t know how that is possible. But life is good. Our sweet boy is almost 11 months old, he loves to clap, gives kisses and has the biggest personality. He is happy 95% of the time, laughs at us but finds his cousins hilarious and sleeps like a champ. This mama feels like she sleeps more now that she has a kid than before… I know, I know thats something I should keep quiet about! He isn’t crawling yet, but he is a big boy. He is a whooping 25 lbs! Yes, I typed that correctly. My 10 month old is 25 lbs! I get the best arm workout of my life on a daily basis. He just recently started doing planks, lots of moms tell me crawling is just around the corner.

My husband is working a ton so that we can have the life that he has always imagined for all of us. There are days that he works from 8am-8pm and Titus and I get brief hugs and kisses. But we are willing to do this so that he can pursue his dreams while he also makes it possible for me to stay home. You should check out his website. He is incredibly talented and makes some pretty epic arrangements.

And I spend my days taking care of our boy, taking care of Nathan and taking care of the house. Whoever said stay at home moms have it easy has obviously never been a stay at home mom. But I love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love that everyday I get to wake up with Titus, watch him grow and don’t miss a thing. I also love that I can to be at home keeping our lives and house together while my husband pursues his dreams.

So thats a little update on us. I promise no more 6 months breaks from writing. A lot has been happening and I have a lot to tell you. So stay posted!

Easter Picture