His very own tree

I love the look of crisp white lights on the Christmas Tree, the deep reds and burlap on my stockings and my new Magnolia Star tree topper. I have never been a huge fan of bright-colored lights and tons of decorations. But what kid doesn’t love that? I knew this would be the first Christmas that Titus would really enjoy the decorations so I thought I would make him his own tree.

So I made him a felt Christmas tree. One that he can decorate whenever he wants and the way he wants. This craft was very inexpensive and took me less than 45 minutes to make. It also entertained Titus and my niece for over an hour this evening. Who can go wrong with that? He loves being able to pull everything down and put it back as many times as he wants. I have to say this is one of my favorite crafts I’ve done for him and I think this will be a favorite for years to come!


Below is a step by step to make your own Felt Christmas Tree.

What you need:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper- brown and yellow (I already had this at home)
  • 1 package of green felt 42inx42in (Michael’s)
  • up to 4 pieces of felt of your desired color (Michael’s)
  • DSC_0295
  • pen (Already have at home)
  • scissors (Already have at home)
  • Optional: Hot glue gun (Already have at home)
  • A cup (to trace my circles)
  • double-sided tape/Command wall strips (I used the wall strips)

-Total price I paid for this project: $5.85

First Step:

I laid out my piece of green felt and drew a tree shape with my pen. To make sure that it was even, I cut out one side and then folded it in half to cut the other side of the tree.

Second Step:

I got all of my colored felt out and used a cup to draw perfect circles. I cut the felt in the below sized circles but I also made smaller circles.

Third Step:

I taped one side of my tree and hung it on the wall. Then I used my construction paper for the trunk of the tree and the star. I also got all of my circles (Ornaments) and placed them on the tree. Optional: Use glue gun and extra felt to decorate ornaments. Then the tree was ready to be decorated:

I hope you and your family enjoy this craft as much as we already have! Let me know if you have any questions about this craft in the comments below! And follow Family.Life.Organized if you want more post!DSC_0303

Author: Bekkah Mills

27. wife. Mom. Jesus follower. organizer. Crafter. Instant Pot Lover. money saver. Pinner. Planner. cleaner. Dreamer.

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