T- 10 Weeks

I can’t believe I am 30 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe we will meet our sweet boy in 10ish weeks. I can’t believe how fast the time went by. And I can’t believe we will both have the new names of Mom and Dad. In 10 short weeks our life is going to change forever. It will no longer be just about us but about loving, providing and nurturing our Titus.

30 weeks

The 30 week mark seemed to come fast for me. Most people told me that once you hit 20 weeks time would slow down, but that has not been true for me. I don’t know if it’s because I stay super busy with my awesome nieces during the day. Or because I feel like for the past 5 weeks and for the next 7 weeks my days/weekends are packed with things. But it’s hard for me to believe that I have been pregnant for as long as I have and that I will be able to meet my boy in no time.

Since hitting the third trimester mark I have started to become tired again. I’m also getting used to him slowly running out of room so his feet like to hang out in my ribs. But it’s all worth it and for the most part I feel great!

So to start the countdown to Due Date, 10 things that I have loved most or that I am looking the most forward to:

  1. Feeling my sweet Titus move
  2. Knowing that I am finally going to by a mommy
  3. Learning more about myself
  4. Seeing my amazing husband care for me in a totally different way
  5. Seeing his sweet smile on my 4D ultrasound
  6. Nathan’s reaction when he first felt Titus move
  7. The way Titus moves when he hears Nathan play music
  8. Seeing ultrasounds and wondering who he will look more like
  9. Anticipating the first time he grabs a hold of one of our fingers
  10. What his laugh will sound like

Titus 4D.JPG

A smile from my boy to end your day!


Author: Bekkah Mills

27. wife. Mom. Jesus follower. organizer. Crafter. Instant Pot Lover. money saver. Pinner. Planner. cleaner. Dreamer.

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