Uganda, Africa ’10

6 years ago last month I made one of the biggest, most adventurous trips of my life. I got on a plane, leaving all of my family behind and not knowing anyone that I was going to meet and went to Uganda, Africa. I had just finished nursing school in December of the previous year, was scheduled to take my boards in February and thought this is the time to do something big if I’m going to do it.

God had in many ways continue to lay Africa on my heart but either things did not line up for me to go or it just wasn’t the right time. So I figured this time I was going to make it happen. As I said school was about to finish and at the time I had nothing holding me back. That’s when my search began. I started to google orphanages and came across Watoto. A Christian based organization that was doing HUGE work in Uganda, Africa. I felt a huge since of peace and started the application process to go. I was approved pretty quickly and then began to raise support for my 2 month stay. I had a few hurdles come up between the time I started to raise support and my departure date. I had people in my life who were not very supportive of my trip, a few months before I ended up meeting the man of my dreams, and the massive fear/anxiety factor of doing something so big by myself. But it was all worth it!

One of the biggest things God used to continue to give me a sense of peace was the amazing children. I always knew I had a special place in my heart for lost/orphanged children but He magnified that while I was there. I loved knowing that the children were going to be loved and cared for the rest of their lives. There was one boy who stole my heart from the moment I saw him. His name was Harrison. He was this sweet 4 month old baby who all of the nannies called the crying baby. Everytime I would go in the room he would laugh and smile and I loved knowing that Christ through me was part of His happiness. Here are some pictures of this sweet boy.


Then 5 years later I got to see Harrison again. My mom, a few friends and I went to Uganda for a visit last year. I knew if I was going I had to find a way to see him. It was just as amazing as the first time. He was now 5 years old and living in a village with a mom and siblings. He had grown so much and so much in his life had changed in the time. I was able to go to his house and his mum prepared us a delicious meal and we were able to sit and eat dinner with this sweet boy who changed my life just 5 years ago and his new family. It made me so happy to know that his mum loved him so much and that he was being raised in Watoto. Being raised knowing how much God loved him. During our meeting I brought picture of the two of us from when he was just a baby. His siblings laughed at the picture and he looked at my slightly confused. But they all loved having their pictures taken videos of their sweet laughter that I will keep forever.






Author: Bekkah Mills

27. wife. Mom. Jesus follower. organizer. Crafter. Instant Pot Lover. money saver. Pinner. Planner. cleaner. Dreamer.

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