Grocery Shopping with a plan on a budget

I have always loved the idea of couponing… but honestly I could never be on extreme couponing. I am good enough that it makes a slight difference for me when I do my regular shopping trips . But that is also a very good thing for me, As I’ve mentioned before I am a bit of a neat freak and that thought of having stock piles of groceries makes me a little anxious.

So I have figured out other ways to buy what we need on a budget, with some coupons. I have also found many apps that I earn money for grocery shopping ( that’s my kind of app).

saving money

A little over 2 months ago I was talking with a friend about money and how God has called us to be good stewards of what He gives us. Here I was buying groceries bi-weekly, and going multiple times during the week and wasting tons of food that we weren’t eating. I don’t think that is His definition of being a good steward at all, so I started to make a plan to change that.

Below I will go into detail about how I bought 3 weeks of groceries for my husband and I for $175.  This $175 also included tooth paste, his/her deodorant, contact solution and toilet paper.

  • Go through Pinterest or a cook book and choose 5/6 recipes that you will actually make. (Once I get home from the grocery store I prepare the meals in freezer bags so they are ready to be cooked. With this plan I am only cooking about every 2/3 nights)
I am a huge crockpot fan. I think it makes cooking so much easier and less time consuming. All of my recipes were crockpot meals that I knew both my husband and I will like.
  • Write down all of the ingredients you need for every meal. ; then condense it. So instead of having chicken on your list multiple times for the different recipes I made a new list with how many of one item I needed.
    • My first list was: Creamy Chicken and Rice, Pot Roast, Italian Zesty Chicken, Fajitas, Beef Stroganoff, and Chili.
  • Then I wrote down regular things that I need for breakfast, lunches and snacks; Eggs, Bacon, Bread, Lunch Meat, Milk, Carrots, Apples, Hummus etc..
We usually eat leftovers from another meal for lunch but we would have a sandwich or salad during the week also. Then for breakfast it was either bacon and eggs or peanut butter and banana toast.
  • After I’ve finished writing out my grocery list I go through and either mark items with a W(Walmart), K(Kroger), or A(Aldi). Yes I do go to 3 stores but I’ve found that I save more money by knowing which place has cheaper items. The only things I usually get at Walmart are toiletries.
  • Then I go through my coupons; I usually only have them for toilet paper, paper towels and cereal. Also I have the Kroger app downloaded on my phone and go through those coupons. Then they save directly to my Kroger Account Card.
  • My first stop is usually Aldi. They are so amazing that I really can get most things there for much cheaper. I got over half of my grocery list there and spent under $75. The majority of my grocery money went towards meat.
  • Kroger is where I usually get items that I can’t find at Aldi and meat.
    • Helpful Hint: If you buy chicken breast at Kroger get it at the meat counter. It is much cheaper. You can buy it for $1.99/lb instead of spending over $8.00 for chicken breast that are already packaged.

Now on to my favorite part!!!!! After all of your grocery shopping is done use the Ibotta app. It is the most amazing app. Go through and unlock the rebates for all of your groceries that you just purchased. Then all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt and you just earned money grocery shopping. I just redeemed my Ibotta money from 2 big grocery trips and cashed in over $40.00. Now let me say that you also earn more money for the more people you get to use the app. But I promise it is worth it!

If your considering using the App. Again just download the Ibotta App; and use my code: asftawp

So to wrap this up, I know that this seems like a lot but its honestly not. It takes me about 40 minutes to do all of the planning and list writing. These steps have been so successful in my grocery shopping trips for many reasons:
  1. I make ONE grocery trip; how often do we forget things and have to go back multiply times to the grocery store
  2. I don’t spend money on junk food or food that will go to waste when I have a list to stick to.
  3. In the long run it saves me time; I don’t have to think and prepare what I want to cook that night, it’s ready. It also helps with going out to eat less during the week when I already have my meals prepared in the freezer then they only have to be thrown into the crockpot.
If you end up trying out my grocery shopping tips let me know how it goes for you. Happy Grocery shopping!








Author: Bekkah Mills

27. wife. Mom. Jesus follower. organizer. Crafter. Instant Pot Lover. money saver. Pinner. Planner. cleaner. Dreamer.

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