Wood Mantel

Crafting was always something that intrigued me but I was never sure if I was really artistic enough to make it happen. But when I got married we were living on a tight newly weds’ budget in a new town and he was in his masters program full time. I had to find inexpensive ways to decorate our house the way I wanted. That is when I first fell in love with Pinterest. I started pinning away. Most of the time I had to wait for my mom to visit to make my crafts come to life. Our first project was a corner shelf made from a door. 4 years later it’s still in my house! Then we started to make wreaths (my first ones were not very pretty).

Like I’ve said previously we live in a house that was built in 1952. We have a “mancave” downstairs and that is where our fire place and mantel are. We don’t have one in our main living room. So for Christmas, or Fall I have a limited area to decorate where everyone sees. I knew I wanted a wood mantel so I looked all over the Internet and the cheapest was $200. Then it hit me, just make your own. As mentioned before, I typically turned to Pinterest for inspiration in the past. However, this project was entirely inspired and designed by yours truly!!

I drew a sketch on a piece of paper and then went to Home Depot to get all of the supplies I thought I would need.

image2image1 (1)image1  hammer and nails.


  1. I bought 4 boards and had the guy at home depot cut them down to 50in
  2. I stained the entire board (all sides) and let it dry for 24 hours
  3. Then I laid them on top of each other until I decided how I wanted them to look on the wall
  4. I took Gorilla glue and put to boards together and also nailed them together, repeat adding one board at a time.
  5. Then my awesome step dad came and helped me hang it on the wall once it was all finished. We used these to hang:image1 (2)

Here’s the finished product:


I was so excited to have this up by Fall. Loving all of my new fall decorations for my mantel. Check it out on my etsy shop if you want one of your own.


Bekkah 🙂

Author: Bekkah Mills

27. wife. Mom. Jesus follower. organizer. Crafter. Instant Pot Lover. money saver. Pinner. Planner. cleaner. Dreamer.

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